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Part 101 training


Welcome to AirShare Part 101 training!

We have developed an easy-to-understand, free online resource to help you learn the rules and understand how to safely fly your drone in New Zealand.

The Drone 101 AirBook is an interactive learning resource that can be accessed via your mobile device (IOS/Android) or your home or work computer.

It covers helpful tips, Civil Aviation Rules and airspace, flight preparation and planning, operations and also includes six useful checklists to guide you through your drone flights from start to finish.

If you:

  1. are a new drone operator
  2. want to get a good grounding in how to fly safely and responsibly in New Zealand in accordance with your obligations under Civil Aviation Rules Parts 101 & 102
  3. are a current drone operator who wants to test your existing knowledge

then Drone 101 is for you!

Please note: This resource is not available as a PDF or in printed format. 

What will you learn with Drone 101?

  1. Civil Aviation Rules that are applicable to you and how to fly within those rules – test out your knowledge with our multiple choice questionnaire
  2. Who you need permission from under Civil Aviation Rule Part 101
  3. A 5-part chapter covering in-depth info around flight safety, rules and regulations
  4. The difference between controlled and uncontrolled airspace and other airspace restrictions
  5. Everything you need to know about owning and using a drone – covering air traffic services, altimetry, meteorology, abnormal situations and more
  6. How weather impacts your flying
  7. Flight planning and preparation – helping you to carefully plan and prepare your drone flight and understand aeronautical charts
  8. How to log your flights on AirShare and get Air Traffic Control authorisation
  9. What a NOTAM is and if you need to file one 
  10. Interactive checklists for everything drone related. 
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Drone 101 is an excellent resource and should be on every drone operator’s shelf. The interactive book makes it an enjoyable read. You can test your knowledge at each section making it easier to remember important safety features. I highly recommend it.