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About us

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AirShare is New Zealand’s uncrewed aircraft traffic management (UTM) system, helping Airways New Zealand safely and efficiently integrate uncrewed traffic into the airspace.

Since its launch in 2014 as New Zealand’s drone user hub, AirShare has supported Airways to reduce risks related to uncrewed aircraft, enhance situation awareness for air traffic controllers (ATCs), and reduce ATC workload.

Airways worked alongside the uncrewed aircraft industry group UAVNZ, and the Civil Aviation Authority to bring AirShare to life for New Zealand drone operators.

Airways has used AirShare in our tower operations across New Zealand since 2014. AirShare helps us to manage drone operations by providing accurate information to air traffic controllers. Drone operators can log their flight details into AirShare which then generates information for our controllers in the tower.

This information allows us to make timely decisions and approvals on safe areas and altitudes for drones to operate in the vicinity of the aerodrome, which in turn assists with managing the workload involved in drone operations.

As New Zealand’s air navigation service provider, Airways manages one of the largest airspaces in the world and provides air traffic management services that are safe, modern, technologically advanced, reliable and efficient.

The organisation has a single-minded reason for being – maintaining safe skies today and tomorrow.  Airways’ air traffic services team is located across 19 control towers and two operating centres, safely guiding over 400,000 flights through our skies every year.

Airways is also responsible for maintaining and investing in New Zealand’s aviation infrastructure to ensure the continued delivery of safe and efficient air traffic management for all airspace users.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) regulates civil aviation in New Zealand. If you fly a drone then you must comply with CAA regulations. The Minister of Transport establishes the rules that all pilots, engineers, aircraft operators, airlines, air traffic controllers, aerodrome operators, and regulated air cargo agents follow to keep aviation safe and secure.

The CAA checks that these rules are being complied with and have the power to take action if they are not. The CAA also monitors safety and security performance throughout the aviation community so that they can direct safety efforts where they are needed most. The CAA also produce safety publications and run safety seminars for the aviation community.


The UAVNZ industry group works to advocate for and professionalise the uncrewed aerospace sector in New Zealand.

UAVNZ aims to maximise the benefits from uncrewed aircraft (UA) technologies and develop a world-class UA industry in New Zealand. They are driven by the industry, managed by volunteers from the industry, and progress initiatives important to the industry.