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Part 102 Certification


Part 102 certification for uncrewed aircraft

Drone operators who want to fly an uncrewed aircraft outside of the Part 101 rules – such as operating unshielded at night, flight over property with prior notification, or with an aircraft that weighs more than 25kg – can legally operate with a Part 102 uncrewed aircraft operator certificate.

Check out the Civil Aviation Authority website to learn about Part 102 certification, and applying for a Part 102 certificate.  You will need to provide the CAA with an operating manual showing them how you have identified the hazards and risks of your operation, and the ways you will mitigate those risks.

NOTAM requirements for Part 102 flights

As a Part 102 certified drone operator, Airways New Zealand has some specific requirements when you submit a NOTAM (Notice for Airmen). 

  • Please ensure that your submission includes the following information: 
  • Latitude/Longitude and radius of the flight
  • Place name description
  • Start and finish time including day and month and whether in local time or UTC
  • Maximum height of operation in feet
  • Contact details including name, company and contact phone number.


What is a NOTAM? 

A NOTAM contains: 

  • any important information that could affect the safe flight of an aircraft, or 
  • information that is required by the pilot to conduct safe operations 

A NOTAM is issued when: 

  • there is insufficient time to publish information in the AIPNZ, or changes are of short duration. 
Please refer to these NOTAM Guidelines for further information. A NOTAM can be requested by emailing, or via the PreFlight website.